Lacunas Towel Rack is part of Contornos collection, it is a homage to volume and geometry. The voids fulfill the spaces and the spaces fulfill the voids. All handmade with solid carbon steel with matte white electrostatic painting, reclaimed pinho de riga hardwood (Pinus Silvestris) and solid brass custom screws and details.


The Cantilever is a minimalist working desk that draws an analogy to structural beams, represented by its metal legs made of carbon steel with a matte electrostatic paint finish. This choice of material gives the desk a modern and industrial appearance. For the tabletop, solid wood was selected, specifically Freijó wood (Cordia goeldiana) or Rediscovered

Wé is a minimal table lamp with a magnetic system that allows the light to be positioned everywhere on its metal surface. This system creates different light shades from a solid reading through a soft ambient light. It has received the honorable mention at Design MCB Award 2019. Handmade reclaimed Peroba do Campo or Peroba


The Miglia Floor Lamp is a unique masterpiece that combines history, elegance, and contemporary design. Its body is sculpted from the noble Peroba Rosa wood, recovered from 19th-century mansions, giving the piece an aura of authenticity and historical revival. The structure is skillfully crafted with carbon steel, featuring a matte automotive paint that adds a